The Players

Know No Stranger is a living, breathing organism.

Like coral, say, or The Blob (from the hit movie The Blob 2), we’re always growing. Each contributor is an invaluable treasure to us, and our door’s always open! We’ve been lucky to have so many terrific artists and thinkers add something special to works over the years – so many that we (tragically!) can’t name them all here – but we couldn’t have done any of this without any of them.

We’d be delighted to introduce you to some of the old standbys! Here:

  • Brandon Schaaf
    Brandon Schaaf illustrator & performer

    A Field Guide to Recognizing the Work of Brandon Schaaf: Upon hearing / seeing / touching / smelling / tasting the work, do you feel your childlike wonder being revived? Has your relationship with yourself and others been sweetened; your respect for all living things, deepened?  

    Portfolio Site

  • Emily Gable
    Emily Gable puppeteer & illustrator

    She dwells in the dark, and it obeys her. As if they are her puppets, the shadows kneel at her command. From the macabre to the beautiful to the downright goofy, they contort and morph for her amusement. She is a silhouette-shaper, a muralist, an illustrator to be feared. For in an instant, her works may come to overwhelming life.

  • Matt Helfrich
    Matt Helfrich writer & builder

    Known to parents everywhere as a “nice young man” and to his peers as alternately “cool” and “great,” Mr. Helfrich composes musical pieces ranging from “good” to “incredible;” he is a conceptual draftsman whose works have garnered identifiers such as “hilarious” and “resonant;” and he is a consummate visual artist creating things we have occasionally heard referred to as “props” or “puppets.”

  • Ryan Felton
    Ryan Felton writer & performer

    Felton’s mild-mannered exterior: an effective guise. For at the drop of a worn-out cliché, our man refracts into a thousand gleaming personas. Motives! Pun-craft! Plot twists! Tics, temperaments and dialects spin out from the uncloaked Felton, glowing bundle of narrative energy.

    Portfolio Site

The wider family includes…

Stephen Vincent Giles

Will Bancroft

Danielle Graves

Matt Holdzkom

Sweet Poison Victim

Megan Van Dam

JD Gray

Stacey Holloway

Michael Runge

Laura Guenin

Kerstan Wallace

Ryan Mullins

Brishen Vanderkolk



Alan Goffinski

Jess Strauss

Annie Fields Monical

Jake Watson

Carina Stahl

Twon Schroeder

Paul Pelsue

Kerstan & Emily Wallace

Strawberry Runners

Scoot Dubbs


Calvin Schaaf

Tara Ree Miller

Alex Bunce

Oreo Jones

Adam Tallent

Doug Pierce

James Furness

Megan Hart

Leila Breton

Jeff Beaver

Rachel Leigh

Fahodi Dance Troupe

Fly Golden Eagle

Oh Dang Lo Mein!

Erin Livingston

Davey-K & Friends

Benjamin Briggs

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